The Shocking Truth about Avalanche X

When Avalanche X first came out, this product created a huge buzz in the online marketing world. Many people, including experienced markets, made a point learn what this system entails. The interest that cropped up was because of the fact that this affiliate marketing software is the handwork of two online marketing gurus, Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. These two individuals have earned a reputation in online marketing for having released several products meant to teach people how to make money online. Now with their latest system, Craig and Rob are out to help other people get a piece of the millions that established affiliate marketers are milking through e-commerce websites.

However, one would ask, what is all the fuss about Avalanche X? Well, this program has captivated many people that have an interest in affiliate marketing because of the ease of use it promises. To put it simply, Avalanche X is a website-building application that uses ‘point and click’ technology to create affiliate sites. The program is claimed to be so simple to use, that no technical skills are required. With this software, users are empowered with a myriad of tools, including a website builder, an exact-match domain tool, a clickbank product finder and a website content generation toolkit. The creators of the system have made some interesting claims that intrigue just about any online marketer, from the average newbie, to experienced gurus. According to Craig and Rob, you can earn anywhere from $300 to $1000 a month by simply learning how to use their system, and it doesn’t matter if you have little to no skills. The best part is that you get the program for an all-time low purchase fee of $46.

Looking at the offerings that Avalanche X promises to offer, anyone would be enticed to get this system. There are a few things though you need to know about this application before purchasing it. This includes details such as; the actual purchase fee of the program; how the system works; and to what extent will it be helpful to you as an online marketer.

What does it Cost to get Avalanche X

Contrary to the initial purchase fee that Craig and Rob offer their product at, users actually part with more than $46 to get Avalanche X. This charge is just the entry fee, and it is accompanied with a couple of up sells. In order to be able to use the ‘cash creator’ website builder, you need to purchase this tool at an additional cost of $100. The website builder is an essential part of Avalanche X. This tool is what users will need to launch WordPress sites, complete with themes and banner ads. In addition, an upsell of $77 will provide you with full access to the turbo content creation tool kit. Without this tool, one would have to resort to manual creation of website content. However, the turbo content toolkit comes with a content scrapper and article spinner. These two functions extract online content related to your chosen affiliate product, and then the spinning software re-writes the articles to ensure that they free of plagiarism.

Craig and Rob claim that commission killer accommodates even those that have no experience in affiliate marketing. However, the truth is that one would at least need basic computing skills in order to create websites. This is in consideration of the fact that Avalanche X is a computer application. The good thing though with this product is that it comes with a full collection of trailing videos. These guides provide invaluable help to those that want to learn how to use Avalanche X.

How much Work does Avalanche X Take off Your Hands?

It is always good to have a clear picture of what to expect when it comes to using ‘push button’ programs for affiliate marketing. Overlooking the scope of any software application can really frustrate you as the end user.

Generally, Avalanche X helps users to choose a product that converts and set up an affiliate site quickly. First, the clickbank product finder helps users to know the hottest selling items to promote. This tool even creates keywords around your chosen product. The other Avalanche X tools center on creating a fully functional site that has referral links, website content and banner ads.

But, are all these functions enough to help you earn affiliate commissions? Well, the truth is that Avalanche X simply does one-half of what it takes to earn money through affiliate programs. Traffic generation is the area in which this product lacks. It only provides the content creation toolkit that largely focuses on on-page SEO. The downside to this is that online marketers require off-page SEO techniques such as article marketing, social media advertising and forum posting, just to mention a few. These additional traffic generation methods help to increase the number of visitors that come to your affiliate sites. Keep these factors in mind if you intend to use Avalanche X as your affiliate marketing system of choice.  

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